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Do you Really Need Medicine for High Blood Pressure?

When you do not feel any adverse symptoms, you may avoid taking daily medicine for high blood pressure. According to some patients with high blood pressure or hypertension, they do not like having medication for hypertension every day as it goes up and down. Thus, patients say that medicines do not work. It is to clarify that it is normal for blood pressure to change throughout the day.

However, not paying heed to the beliefs, it is not right to neglect high blood pressure, and the stakes are very high. Hypertension patients get neck pain, headaches, or even get chest pain. But most of the time, hypertension patients do not feel any symptoms even if they have severe disease. Now, let us tell you what should be done if you have hypertension and whether you should have medicines.

Also, in the end we will tell you a bit about generic medicines in India, the generic medicine stores and where all you can buy generic medicines online or otherwise. So, make sure you do not miss out on that and learn as to how you can save on your medical bills significantly.

High blood pressure can be fatal

Hypertension can even become the cause of death if not treated. About 80 percent of people who have experienced a stroke and 70 percent of people who experience a heart attack for the first time have existing high blood pressure as the initial symptom.

The risk of stroke, heart disease, or death is the risk that is raised by high blood pressure. One is four times more likely to die from a stroke and three times more likely to die from heart disease when the blood pressure is high. As per reports, in the US, 1000 deaths per day happen because of high blood pressure.

Hight Blood Pressure is "SILENT"

Hypertension is silent, which means people who have high blood pressure sometimes do not feel any symptoms. WHO said that around 12.8 percent of deaths occur due to high blood pressure globally and that too unannounced.

Medications do help in treating Blood Pressure

If you suffer from hypertension, medicines can help lower the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Studies on hypertension patients say that reducing systolic blood pressure, which is the first pressure in a blood pressure reading, by only 12 to 13 mmHg lowered the stroke risk by about 40 percent. Plus, the risk of dying from a heart attack from stroke was reduced by 25 percent by having proper medicines.

The American Heart Association confirmed that high blood pressure is defined as a blood pressure reading of 130/80 or higher. The cut-off before 2017 was 140/90, and now 120/80 or less is the normal blood pressure.

What if the blood pressure is borderline?

You still may need to consume medicine if the first pressure or systolic reads 130-139 mmHg, and the second pressure or diastolic reads 80-89 mmHg.

You can even use a home assessment tool to measure your blood pressure daily and find out if you need medicines. Your doctor may recommend adopting lifestyle changes to treat hypertension if your risk for stroke or heart disease is less than 10 percent. The doctor might also advise you to check in again with him/her in three months so that the risk of heart attack or stroke does not increases. You will be required to start your daily medications and change your lifestyle simultaneously if your risk is greater than 10 percent.

If blood pressure is above 140/90, is it required to take medicine?

It is obviously yes! The physician will start you on hypertension medication and check monthly unless your blood pressure becomes normal.

You can even measure blood pressure at home. Nowadays, different digital home blood pressure readers are available, which is easy to know the daily change of high blood pressure. And in days like this, where the whole world is stuck at home with nob or fewer doctors' availability, hypertension patients should sit back home and measure the blood pressure rather than visit the doctor's chamber as infected with corona.

Some points to consider before you measure blood pressure at home.

Sit in a quiet room in a chair with your back straight and legs uncrossed. Support one arm with a table or armrest, keeping at level with your heart. Empty your bladder and rest for a minimum of five to ten minutes.

Take the blood pressure readings at an interval of five minutes and follow the instructions, as said in the tool's instruction book. Do not talk while you measure the blood pressure as that can affect the reading.

Generics medicines for high blood pressure or hypertension

The medicines required by high blood pressure patients are costly, and most of them have to continue taking them their whole life. The medicines are not at all affordable by the weaker people or middle-class people. Thus, generics medicines were invented so that every individual of the country can afford their life-saving medication. A large percentage of people in India die just because they cannot afford these medicines. The Government of India has set up different generic medicine stores and promotes medical companies for the generic medication.

Generic medicines are just the same branded medicines whose patent expires and are then available in the market at prices much less than the branded ones. These medicines are less costly because they do not have to go through human and animal trials, and they do invest in advertisements. Generic medicine websites offer huge discounts and even gives the facility to deliver the medicines home. You can buy generic medicines in India from generic medicine stores and generic medicine websites. Generic medicine stores are now being set up in all corners of the country to help people get the medication. Since the general medical stores cannot meet the customers' demand, many generic medicine stores are being set up by the Government. Generic medicine websites and stores provide the medicines at least 30 to 80 percent less than the branded ones, making it affordable to buy. Since the demand for generic medicines is gradually increasing, many generic medicine websites and generic medicine stores are coming up to meet the demand.

At Medbuzz, we are an online generic medicine website and generic medicine app that provides cost effective and easy to home delivery services for people who want to buy generic medicines. If you choose to buy generic medicines online or otherwise, at Medbuzz, we can help you cut down your medical bills by over 70%. Do place your order on our online generic medicine website or our generic medicine app that is available for download on both iOs and Android.

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